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Like My Icon?

16 days an I am "of age". I can smoke, buy porn, pierce things, buy stuff off infomercials, vote, and gamble.

Am I growing up?

Have I grown up?

Not five minutes ago I found myself on the "Container Store" website. Hoping to organize my closet. I assume that is a fairly "adult" thing to do. Most young children to do get urges to look up closet organization unless instructed by a parent, or someone old and obsessive.

So I look though the "organize closet" section and find a link that says "plan closet".
Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.
Now there is a list.
What kind of closet am I planning?
*Adult Closet
*Child's Closet
*Linen Closet
*Hall Closet
*Laundry Room
*Home Office

I hesitate a moment and click "child's closet". I don't want some old granny closet with boring colors and wooden shelves. I want pastels and plastic!
I'm too big. The amout of space allowed for hanging shirts in this "child's closet" is way too short.
My shirts are too long.
I'm too big.
I'm too old.

When did I outgrow the child's closet? When did I start caring about closets? When did I start filing for taxes and realizing that in 16 days I can get married and my parents can't stop me. (Not that I can legally toast that marriage, but oh well.)

I've spent my life as the younger one. Cory's 22. Sarah's 20. Frankie's 21. My good friend Lindsey Boutcher from when I was in elementary school was 4 years older than me.
When the hell did I get old enough to be responsible? My mom still does my laundry!

just wait 'til I get to my mid-life crisis...
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