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Got a lot of Christmas shopping/rapping done today. I'm still working on the big gift for my mom. She is impossible to shop for. Kate got red streaks in her hair-- really red. It looks good though.

I saw the movie 'To be or not to be' today with Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. Any hard core Producers (the musical) fan has to have not only seen the producers movie but also this movie. It's not widly known at all, but it (obviously) had a big influence on the musical.

No Tatoo until i'm 21 or out of the house. Not too bad I guess, but still. I'm a little bummed. Well, a little more than a little. I bet they'd let Kate get one.

I did something stupid today and now my head hurts. Humm, ah well. It was worth it. lol
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