~nik~ (forevertomorrow) wrote,

It looks like Christmas eve is going to be great.
At 11 my dad is coming to pick me up to go to the Chiorpractor-- not the funist of events because I have been spoiled recentally and have had the leisure of sleeping every day until at least 10:30 or 11 and while I realize getting up at 9:30 isn't terrible, it will throw my body clock. Jesse right, I'm a winer. lol. Ok ok. That's a good thing. Wake up and get all loosened up!
Then I have some time to myself.
4:15 my dad is coming to pick up me and Kate to go to China Sea for an early dinner. It's become a tradition of ours. Well, if you can count three years as a tradition... but since it is ever year since he left I consider it a tradition.
After a leasurely dinner we are off to Mission Luthern for 7:00 service followed by whatever happens. Then Kate goes home and my dad and I go to Midnight Mass at St. Michaels (starting at 10:30 -- yes i noticed the timing is funny). Apparently my dad "likes my church". I almost feel over at that statement. But I'm glad... just shocked. Odd. He probably just doesn't want me driving in the middle of the night. lol.

As of Christmas it's a lot less "driving all around" oriented and I'm glad. I doubt I even have to leave the house. =)

I'm not ready for christmas to come and go yet... I'm just getting fully in the spirit!
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