~nik~ (forevertomorrow) wrote,

I feel invigorated!

Life is funny. (How philosphical of me.) Honestly though, it is funny. This whole past week has been nothing short of completely bizarre. Nothing that anything so extrodinary happened, it's just one rice crispy treat after another. But they were all delightful in the end. Okay maybe not delightful, but it all worked out fine. Well, maybe it didn't even work out fine, but I'm happy. I'm happy with things. I'm happy with how things are going. I have no idea what is going on, but I'm happy. I am choosing to ignore the fact that the absense of a certain guy may have something to do with my happiness. After all this time I feel guilty even saying it, but he's got this hold on me and I can't seem to get clarity on anything his shadow looming over me.

I started this entry being winter formal dateless. Now I stand before you with a date. I'm sure everyone is going to be completely shocked by who I'm going with. I see you shiver with antici--
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