~nik~ (forevertomorrow) wrote,

Lights are hung!

Across the garage are a triple strand of colour, draped lights. Across the front lawn are four candy canes standing up and one laying down (the stake broke), over one bush I have the mesh lights, and this little spheres of white lights over the walk way to the front door. I need to buy more extention chords because I'm all paranoid about starting some kind of fire if I attach more than two strands together. I want to get something to do on the top story, but we don't have a tall enough ladder at the moment to do much. I'm thinking of just getting one of those angel light things or something and hanging outside the window of the upstaris bonus room and leave the window open a crack and plug it in in the house. Or I'll put something on the garage door that doesn't open. Oh i'm so excited. I'm getting all in the chirstmas spirit!
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